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Get More From a Satellite

At Agape Media Solutions in Manchester, NH, we think you deserve more – more of the television you love, more security in your home and better access to the Internet. As a well rounded Tv, internet, home phone, cell phone and home security retailer, we can give you more. More for less!!!

Having served the New England area for over 27 years, we provide the highest-quality brand name services at a fraction of the price. How? because we do not work for them, we work for you!!! The slogan "We do it all so you don't have to" means just that , we literally do everything to change you over to our program without you having to do a thing!!

Our exclusive service means we do all the work for you while you keep the same internet, the same phone number, have better HD (1080i/p vs 720i/p), get the highest rated DVR's in the country while receiving same day, next day customer service – as long as you are an Agape Media Solutions customer. This service is unheard of in our industry, but we are providing it to you all while saving you thousands a year!

No more waiting on hold. No more talking to foreigners. With Agape Media Solutions, you speak to the same people every time you call and you get the solutions and services you deserve. So 'Get Rescued from the bondage of the EVIL able empire!!! 

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